A Day Off – time to shoot!

A rare and hard earned day off today, managed to get out and do something shooting here and there (ok, so I know that’s my job but when it’s on the spur of the moment and there’s no pressure, emails or phone calls, it is great!).  Trying to develop some landscape series as part of some personal work I’m creating, pretty pleased with the outcome and is an area I’ll be revisiting over the upcoming weeks hopefully.

Now it’s time to prepare for the big local derby game tomorrow.  Batteries are charging and bags are getting packed, really feel that today has helped to reinvigorate my creative juices just in time for tomorrow. It doesn’t matter that the two subjects are completely different, its just getting out there and creating that makes all the difference.


Untitled_Panorama1  20141003_Lumsdale Valley_003220141003_Lumsdale Valley_0020 20141003_Lumsdale Valley_001020141003_Lumsdale Valley_015020141003_Lumsdale Valley_008720141003_Lumsdale Valley_0076  20141003_Lumsdale Valley_0119 20141003_Lumsdale Valley_012620141003_Lumsdale Valley_0192 20141003_Lumsdale Valley_0128  20141003_Lumsdale Valley_0186  20141003_Lumsdale Valley_0198 20141003_Lumsdale Valley_0204

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