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    Celebrating 20 Years Part Two

    Twenty years is a long time to be doing anything and as you can imagine, in football that then creates some interesting stats. For example, during my time so far as club photographer there have been 22 managers in charge, that includes any caretaker managers and it counts John Sheridan and Paul Cook twice for their separate periods in charge. Along with being the club’s photographer I’ve also done a fair few other jobs at the club too throughout the years. One that I’ve been doing for most of the time is the design work of the club and trust and any other creative work that’s needed, I was the…

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    A favourite from the 15

    So having taken many a thousand images during the past 15 years, this one featuring Chris Brandon scoring from an overhead kick is definitely one of my favourites.  It’s special to me for a number of reasons, it was taken during a game against Port Vale at the very beginning of the 2002 – 2003 season, my first full season.  The biggest reason I love this image is that It happened to be the first game I shot on a digital camera or in fact the first time (I think) that I’d ever used a digital camera!   I’m very grateful to Phil Tooley for letting me use his Nikon…

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    Chesterfield FC Programme Recognition

    If you follow the football club’s news feed then you might have seen that the matchday programme has received some recognition at the Programme Monthly & Football Collectable League One Programme Awards, sharing the runners-up award with Shrewsbury Town.   Above is a small sample of the images that have been used in this season’s programme.  The change in format has meant that images can have a bit more space and be used within the design element which helps give it a more modern feel.  One aspect I’m especially pleased about is the increased use of some of my black and white images mixed in there.  The feature article really…

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    Test Shoot

    I always like to try and practice some setups ahead of the real shoots.  Because I like to take time when doing so, asking friends/family to step in to model is all that fair so recently purchased a dummy head to sit in, much more patient and talks a lot less on set!   So, here are a few images from a recent test shoot I did, I’m not necessarily looking for perfection with these images, but rather an overall example of some different lighting setups. This last image is getting nearer to the concept I’m looking at doing for an upcoming product shoot.  All I need to do now…

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    RND Make your Face Funny for Money Shoot

    Thanks to all that have participated in our Red Nose Day ‘Make your Face Funny for Money’ photoshoot this week in association with Chesterfield FC and the Chesterfield FC Community Trust.  The fantastic results of all your efforts are below, will be showing our independent judge the images that are entered into the competition to find the winner of the signed poster featuring the winning image.  Look out on our twitter feed @tinajennerphoto for the announcement! Our photoshoot event kicked off a week of Comic Relief fundraising at the HUB where, all this week in the Cafe there are special Red Nose Day drink and cake offers helping towards the…

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    Make Your Face Funny For Money Photoshoot

    Come along to the HUB and put on your funniest face for Comic Relief 2015 Here at TJP we are gearing up for our funniest photoshoot yet, all in aid of Comic Relief. In association with Chesterfield FC and Chesterfield FC Community Trust, we want you to join the players and staff in making your face funny for money!

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