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    Celebrating 20 Years Part Two

    Twenty years is a long time to be doing anything and as you can imagine, in football that then creates some interesting stats. For example, during my time so far as club photographer there have been 22 managers in charge, that includes any caretaker managers and it counts John Sheridan and Paul Cook twice for their separate periods in charge. Along with being the club’s photographer I’ve also done a fair few other jobs at the club too throughout the years. One that I’ve been doing for most of the time is the design work of the club and trust and any other creative work that’s needed, I was the…

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    Celebrating 20 Years

    Today marks 20 years of being the club photographer of Chesterfield FC, an achievement I’m very proud of and look forward to building upon. And although I often joke I started when I was about 6 years old, being the club photographer depicts literally half of my life. During that time I’ve captured over 1000 games, be that the first team, youth team, academy, charity games, and play of the pitch! That equates to an awful lot of images, if I had to have an educated guess it’s probably around the 1.5 million mark and means I’ve spent a strong percentage of the past 20 years glued to a computer…

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